​Regular servicing helps maintain the value of an instrument and ensures that it performs reliably and accurately. Instruments should be cleaned annually and the various mechanisms checked for signs of wear and tear.​

Every time an instrument is played, a build up of food acids, saliva and other materials usually not mentioned in polite conversation occurs inside the body of the instrument. We have even found paper clips, erasers, pencils and pieces of paper wedged inside instruments that have been presented for repairs. A thorough annual clean keeps an instrument smelling better and is healthier to play

Most instruments require only a basic service each 12-18 months. The information below outlines costs for servicing and what is included in a service. Our services offer excellent value for money, and we do not undertake any unnecessary repairs. 

​Instruments can be dropped directly into the shop or couriered if you are out of town. 

Turnaround Times

Servicing times throughout the year are usually a week. This does not include peak periods such as November - February and June - July. We understand that there are times when you need an instrument for a performance, or are only in town for a small time, and we can usually accomodate shorter turnaround times. We recommend that you book your instrument in to avoid longer than desired wait times. Contact us to book in your service. 

Brass Services

  • Overall examination. Disassemble instrument, removing slides & valves.
  • Hand wash​, degrease and brush out interior​, removing old lubricant residue. 
  • Grease slides, oil valves & check operation​ and alignment.
  • Accessible, small dents are removed.
  • Basic polish included. 
  • Replace necessary water key corks/felts/springs.
  • Clean mouthpiece and vacuum case.
  • Test play.
Brass Pricing (incl. GST)
​Cornet: $100 ​French Horn Restring: $25
​Trumpet: $100 Flugel: $100
​Tenor Trombone: $110 ​Baritone: $135
​Trombone 1 Valve: $140 ​Tenor Horn: $120
​Trombone 2 Valve: $160 ​Euphonium 3 Valve: $145
​Trombone Slide Service Minor: $60 ​Euphonium 4 Valve: $165
​​Trombone Slide Service Major: By Quote Tuba 3 Valve: $165
French Horn 3 Valve: $180
​​Tuba 4 Valve: $185
​French Horn 4 Valve: $220 ​Stuck Slide: from $35 

Parts are at an additional cost unless noted.

Woodwind Services

  • Overall examination.
  • Seat and level pads, removing any leaks and checking operation​ and alignment of keys. (Any replacement pads at extra cost) 
  • Replacement of bumper corks.
  • Neck and joint fittings checked. (Replacement joints at extra cost)
  • Accessible, small dents are removed.
  • Oil keys.
  • Clean mouthpiece and vacuum case.
  • Test play.

​Woodwind Pricing (incl. GST)
​Clarinet: $100 Alto Sax: $125
​Clarinet Joint: $25 Tenor Sax: $125
​Bass Clarinet: $150 ​Baritone Sax: $155
​Flute- closed tone hole: $100 Soprano Sax: $125
Flute- open tone hole: $110
Oboe: $160
Flute Joint: $30
Bassoon: $160
​​Crown Cork: $15 Bassoon Joint: $35
Piccolo: $100

Parts are at an additional cost unless noted.

Occasionally, instruments need a more major overhaul, or they have a specific fault that requires attention.

Examples of such repairs include:

  • partial to full repads;
  • re-soldering joints and braces;
  • extensive polishing work;
  • refitting of joints and slides

Costs for such services vary considerably due to the extent of the faults or damage as well as the size of the instrument. An accurate appraisal of such work will be provided before work begins. A written quotation will be forwarded on request.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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