​Lay-by is available on purchases of $100 or more. A 10% deposit of the total of the lay-by is required. Regular fortnightly payments must be made.

Our in store Lay-by terms and conditions are as follows:

Lay-by is available on an 12 week term and must be paid in full. In some cases, extended lay-by options are available.

Collection date
Lay-bys must be collected by finalisation date printed on the receipt.

Minimum Value
Lay-by is available on purchases of $100 or more.

A 10% deposit of the total of the lay-by is required on each lay-by.

Regular fortnightly payments must be made. Payments may made be via direct deposit, credit card over the phone or in-store.

Failure to make payments when they are due or collect lay-bys within a reasonable time frame around the due date (up to 2 weeks past due date) will be treated as cancellation of the lay-by by the customer. In these instances, the customer will be entitled to a refund of the monies paid, less a termination fee of $30.00. Customers will need to return in store with their original lay-by receipt in order to cancel and refund their lay-by. Customers will receive one (1) courtesy email when a payment is overdue before cancellation of the lay-by.

If cancellation of a lay-by is initiated by McKenzie Music Etcetera (damaged or unavailable goods etc.), the customer is entitled to the full refund of monies paid.

Termination Fee
If a customer cancels their lay-by, a termination fee of $30 is charged. This is to cover storage and administrative costs that apply to the lay-by agreement​. If the customer’s lay-by instalments do not cover the termination fee, McKenzie Music Etcetera are entitled to recover the outstanding amount as a debt.

Lay-by is not available on clearance and discontinued products, pre-paid cards and gift cards, instrument repairs and services, and where specifically stated in store and in promotional materials

Non Modification
Individual items may not be added, removed or separated from a lay-by.

Refunds for lay-by deposits or payments will be refunded using the original payment method. Deposits or payments made by Gift Card will be refunded by Gift Card or exchange voucher only.

Photo ID must be produced if you request a replacement lay-by document, cancel a layby, or when you finalise and collect a layby where no document can be produced.

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